Since 1996 we have been involved in the conceptionfrom design to the finished product – and marketing of innovative products in a wide range of business areas.

Initially established for fine wristwatches, ART OF TIME is now synonymous with the state-of-the-art development of products and services.


Product Development

Integrated product development – from the concept, to the brand name & market development, to the technical development and right up to marketing – is our strength. Using teams of experts compiled specifically to suit the respective requirements of the project, we develop products from our own ideas or to order.

Eiskarton | The cardboard ice scraper.

The newest in-house development Eiskarton – the first ice scraper made of recycled paper with an integrated parking disk and coin compartment – is very sustainably produced in Austria and supplied internationally to the automobile industry and the promotional items wholesale market. You can learn more at or here in the product folder PDF.



VISTA CarWindowCleaner

With the in-house development VISTA CarWindowCleaner – an interior window cleaner for cars coupled with an ice scraper – we successfully realised a new interpretation of an old invention devised by a woman in Chicago around 100 years ago (see also "THE STORY OF ONE EXTRAORDINARY LADY, Chicago, November 1920"). This smart window cleaning device is produced in Austria and supplied internationally to the automobile industry and the promotional items wholesale market. You can learn more at or here in the product folder PDF.




The first DO IT YOURSELF wristwatches in the world. These products hark back to the early years of the company, when our primary focus was wristwatches and we developed these world-first items in the process. All the tools necessary to build the watch, including a construction manual that is richly illustrated down to the last detail, are enclosed in the sets. All the components are of the very highest quality (Swiss quality watch movements, housing from Austria), so that no compromises are made on the assembly and the subsequent comfort for the wearer.

AQUABAND drink reminder

The best reminder to drink a glass of water. For this development to order, the idea of creating an inconspicuous drinking reminder device was realised. A classic design combined with unique high-tech innovation dependably reminds the user to drink water throughout the day by means of a gentle and soundless vibration. You can learn more at


Simple voice notes, anywhere and everywhere. In the days when there were still no smart phones, this device was a real innovation. The InstantVoiceMemo, designed as a key ring, was an exceedingly useful companion in daily life and could also be used as a conventional USB stick, had an integrated recording function of around 12 hours per GB of memory and was easily activated at the touch of a button.




Marketing Services

We support your business in the development of your marketing approach in the form of strategy concepts, logo development, print forms, web presence and video productions, and we also provide active assistance in your company and project management. Reference examples for this business area include:

MUEHLEGGER Automations GmbH

The MUEHLEGGER Automations GmbH specialises in the automation of industrial processes. In collaboration with the company, we implemented their web presence together with their logo design. In addition, we support the business in sales, marketing and project management. Furthermore, a company presentation was published in the form of a book (PREVIEW) and videos were produced so that the premium quality of the industrial systems on offer could be optimally communicated. You can learn more at


The incredibly extensive image archive of classic cars by the photographer Wolfgang Simlinger was the basis for the project – all images were integrated into a web portal via an easy-to-maintain database. This web portal not only enables the classic cars to be accessed alphabetically, it is also a platform for the publication of current reports. In this case, too, a book (PREVIEW) was published and direct distribution was established via


learnt about the method of facial muscle training in America and used her knowledge to develop a special training programme. By following the programme, participants can achieve maximum results in a short time using only a few very effective exercises. In order to publicise this method to a wider European audience, her website at was modernised and equipped with a simple self-management system for entering her workshop schedule. We were also instrumental in the publication of her book (PREVIEW), which is available in multiple languages.




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